We Make House Calls!


Chris Brooks, owner of PC Doc, has been working with computers since 1980, and electronics since 1977.  A Systems/Software Engineer with 8 years professional experience in computer systems and associated hardware, he is skilled in techniques for debugging and troubleshooting of software and hardware.

The company was created with his own Mother in mind: not everyone is comfortable with working on or able to move around their PC, deal with the hassle of disconnecting everything, and then having to connect it all back up.  Also, using us lets you avoid having to be totally without your PC for an extended period of time , like you would when taking it into a service shop like CompUSA* or MicroCenter*.

For more on his professional experience, his resume can be found here.


*CompUSA and Microcenter are trademarks of their respective companies, and are in no way associated with PC Doc.